Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Well, I was going to try and upload this photo of Holly to SIS Tv as my photo of the day.But having not uploaded anything there yet...I can't work out how to!! So I'm afraid I'm doing it here and linking and tomorrow I will ask Anna how to do it properly!

Took this photo this evening when Holly decided to go out on the trampoline, complete with Cinderella dress on:) Most of the photos were really blurry or dark, but this one is her doing her favourite pose of the moment!

I also picked the sweet peas today, here is the proof! There are loads more buds on them so I should have a load more soon! I don't have any small vases though so a drinking glass had to suffice!

Today I also got myself a part time job :) It's not rocket science, but it does fit in around the kids and also means more money coming in,fingers crossed it all works out okay!

Geoff is away tonight in Leeds so I've amused myself by reeling in horror at the huge amount of card-making stuff I still have and playing on the Wii! Finally got my tennis score up to professional level!

Em stayed home again today so I'm all out of synch with stuff that I need to do.Hopefully she will be fine tonorrow and I can play catch up!


Barbara said...

those flowers are gorg!!

Kellie said...

Great pictures! Totally love the flowers in the vase! :)


Great pics! Keep them coming.

domestic goddess said...

those sweet peas make me very happy!!!

joanna said...

Gorgeous sweet peas, Sue - I agree with Anna, they're definitely happy flowers :) I can smell their beautiful, delicate scent from here :)