Saturday, June 09, 2007

Hot in the City...

...well it's hot in Welwyn Garden City anyway:)When will the weather make up it's mind which season we're in?! It was so cold yesterday morning I sent the girls to school in their winter uniforms yet today it's boiling!
Quiet day here, Em went out for lunch with my Mum & Dad and Holly had a party to go to this afternoon.She came back with a huge pirate ship picture and a dolphin made out of clay (it was an ArtSkool party!)And also a grumpy temperament...!
Two photos today...the first being of the ripe strawberry on our plant in the garden! Doesn't it look fab? I think I will be cutting it in two for the girls to share tomorrow! I'm still surprised nothings eaten it considering the way all the lettuces disappeared!
And the other is a sneaky of my Pencil Lines layout for tomorrow night.Much as I love the end result, it wasn't easy!
Fingers crossed for the sunshine again tomorrow so we can spend the day out in the garden :)


joanna said...

Wasn't it hot - it was boiling here!! The strawberry photo is beautiful, Sue - I could just pluck it off the screen and pop it in my mouth!! Sneak peek looks gorgeous :)

Maaike said...

Like the strawberry photo.
Wanna see my pictures
Have a nice sunday

domestic goddess said...

oh i could eat that strawberry