Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Lucky lucky me :)

Oooh, I am having a good day today!
I took a trip to Dunelm Mills after finishing work today.Managed to pick up some lovely new bed linen (keep reading, my day did get better than this!) Also picked up some more scissors (black & white spotty this time:) ), glittery pink felt...and a cupcake sugar bowl! They had a whole tea service range in a cupcake theme :) I am so tempted to clear out my cupboards (because they are full of unused stuff!) and get the two tier cake stand.It so reminds of my Nan who had one.She would always declare that she 'didn't have much in' when we visited and then would bring this cake stand out laden with various cakes and biscuits!
When I arrived home from shopping the postie had been with my stamps that Anna ordered from the US for me :) Let's just say..I have been after the KI stamps for ages, but they've always been out of stock or far too expensive(until now!)
After a quick half hour at home at walked into town to meet Caz .
We had the most lovely lunch of macaroni cheese and chips which I think we both definitely needed! But even better than that...she gave me this gorgeous pink felted bag, made with her own fair hands! It is the perfect size for my camera , keys and mobile.Thank you so much hun! (And as predicted the kids are eyeing it up!!) We also had a good gossip and discussed the joys of having children /teens around the house!;)
I then went onto the school to watch Holly's Spanish assembly! Despite telling me she didn't know what she was supposed to be doing she did so well!
And that is my day so far!


Sandie said...

Ooh those KI stamps look fab, I've never seen them before! And I lurve your new bag too!!

Moreen (aka Armenime) said...

I love the stamps and the bag is gorgeous.

domestic goddess said...

oh wow that bag is beautiful, you deserve some scrumminess though!
so glad Holly;s assembly went well
speak to you later once life is calm here!!!!

Marjolein said...

Awieeeee I love those stamps!!!!!! Want them too, just for fun LOL and that bag......awesome!

Paula said...

Love those stamps!!!!
Cake stand sounds fab, my grandma always had one. Funny how memories like this stay with you.