Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Who nicked the sunshine?!

Absolutely pants weather today - it's so cold!!
Pants weather meant not many photos at Anna's today, it was too cold to stay outside for long! Here's one though!
Had a fab time , girls all got on so well yet again :) I came home with a little bag of goodies too...Geoff looked at it and said 'Hmm..can see why you like going there'!! Sadly I forgot to bring home the Cupcake book I was going to borrow...probably just as well, I really fancied the sound of the chocolate peanut ones!
I am off to bed now as I am cold and tired!

1 comment:

domestic goddess said...

hi hunny
was so good to see you , geoff and teh girls today :)
have uplaoded a few piccies on my blog and will email a cross tomrorow