Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Back to life...

...with a bump! The girls went back to school today...and Imissed them! The last two weeks have felt more like the summer holidays than Easter which such wonderful weather.Though this morning was grey and much cooler, the sun did come out eventually!

So I spent the day catching up on housework....boring!

Tomorrow I really need to start catching up on my cards for Emily's prompts too.I haven't had much time recently to do my usual blog surfing and am starting to miss seeing evryone elses fab creations!

Yesterday we got the phone call to say that Holly can start at rainbows next week , she is so excited!

Today was the first day at school since Em missed the trip to York.One of the teachers was kind enough to buy both her and the other girl who missed it (due to chickenpox)a gorgeous bracelet as well as a pen & notebook each out of her own money, how thoughtful is that?I'd asked them to buy Em something with her pocket money as that had already been handed in the week before, but that was returned in full.

Leave you a picture of Holly trying out Em's old roller skates that she has been begging to try for ages....


domestic goddess said...

wohoo you go Holly!! looking tres cool
How nice of em's teachers. hugs to the girls for me

jakey said...

LOVING that saucy hat darl!

Good news on the weight loss - i'm working like a trojan and losing nothing - must be all the treats i'm scoffing to comfort myself :-)

jk x