Saturday, April 14, 2007

Feelin' grotty....

My cold that's been hanging around since the beginning of the week decided to kick in big style today! Woke up feeling like I needed 12 more hours sleep and it hasn't improved much since.

Luckily, I've had a fairly quiet day.The girls went out with my Mum and Dad in the morning and didn't come back til late afternoon. That gave me time to do the hoovering and mopping, as well as my PL sketch for tomorrow plus some time to sit out in the sun too :) Still cannot believe how fab the weather has been for the whole of the holiday.

Yesterday we took the girls to Willows Farm park.Although it was busy, it never really gets crowded as it's so big! Anna and I (plus four girls and two cameras) have a date there in October to get pumpkin photos...haven't we Anna?! ;)

Right, I am off to bed with the aim of not waking up feeling and looking half dead tomorrow morning!

I leave you with a pic of Holly's new summer hat....

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domestic goddess said...

oh that hat is priceless, i love it. Hope you feel better hun, i too have spent the day lazying a round, reading sitting in the sun, no computer, its been really good