Saturday, April 07, 2007

Gardening, Wii's and haircuts!

Yep, that title just about sums up what's been happening here the last few days!
We've been making the most of the gorgeous weather and spending a lot of time working on the garden.The girls veggie patches are just about sorted , and even Geoff has one too!
We have got caught up in Wii watching the last couple of days , knowing that Peter was looking for one.And guess what Geoff just managed to buy in town today....!! So Peter hot footed it down the A1 as fast as he could to pick it up! He also came bearing gifts of wine , chocolates and the cupcake book that I left there the other day! Anna, I hope you haven't become a Wii widow!
I spent the rest of the afternoon potting up hanging baskets (with some help from Holly!)to go on the front of the house.It's only taken us 3 yrs but we are finally getting the place looking nice on the outside!I've also got a box of Sweet peas and one of those wigwam things for them to grow around.
Yesterday Holly had a haircut, lots came off and she is back to having really cute bouncy bunches! The only downside was we discovered an outbreak of the dreaded bugs...She has been so good though and is happy to have her hair combed through which makes dealing with them so much easier.
Haven't done my EF card this week as I tend to do them whilst the kids are school , and with a full house this week I just haven't had a chance. Pencil Lines sketch is all done and emailed over though! I have decided though that I really shouldn't be let near stamps or ink when scrapping...
On Thursday Em had a friend over for her first sleepover! We were expecting a late night....but when I got back from swimming at 9.30pm all was quiet.Apparently they were both asleep by 9!!
Right, I think that's everything caught up with from the past few days!
Have a Happy Easter!


Anam_Kihaku said...

love those photos. and yippeee onthe garden front... i loved yoru title on your layout - i have no guts when it comes to stamping direct to page so go girl!!

domestic goddess said...

love their garden patches, i had better get to work on ours!
i cant tahnk geoff enough for being the WII hunter!!!! mwah