Monday, April 23, 2007

New Rainbow...

Yep, Holly finally started at Rainbows this evening! Although she said she was feeling nervous about going,once she saw the box of skipping ropes she grabbed one and was well away! Once home she carefully studied her handbook and started work on it already! I will be one proud Mummy at her Promise Ceremony in May!

So today I went summer clothes shopping for the gilrs...nightmare! Why do they no longer make 'nice' clothes for kids that don't skim their belly buttons and show off their butt cheeks?! My fave purchase is a lovely rainbow coloured seer-sucker dress from Asda for Holly.All we neeed now is the return of the sunshine!

Not much else to share other than this photo of Holly taken yesterday (and no, it wasn't warm !)


jakey said...

I know.... I like to see kids dressed as kids too - not little teenagers!

praying for the sun too babe :-)

domestic goddess said...

fab photo :) so glad Holly enjoyed rainbows
big hugs and see you tomorrow xx