Monday, April 02, 2007

Bring me sunshine....

Another day of beautiful weather here.We went shopping this morning for garden stuff and then made a start on it this afternoon.I somehow don't think Holly has yet discoverd the difference between weeding and digging a hole though...!Had to share this photo of the cute wind chimey, sparkly Welcome sign that will go in one of their veggie patches! I don't expect it will look as bright after a few rainfalls but for now it's great!
My other pic is of the rabbit we watched on Saturday down at the lakes.Love the zoom on my camera! This was taken through the wire fencing around the old swimming pool site.The girls love watching the rabbits when we go down there.
No other news to share, so just a quick post tonight. Off to Anna's tomorrow and will be bearing gifts of a smoothie maker!In exchange , I will raid Anna's scrapping room and nick all her best stash...whoops, did I just say that out loud?!


Shirley said...

Sue you could have warned me about the rabbit! *shudder*!
That garden sign is so cute!

domestic goddess said...

i loev that sign, so good to see you all today, i ahve a book to send you!!