Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Day tripper..

...yep, tomorrow I am getting out of here and going a on a day trip to Southoe :) to see Anna.Actually I am going so she can make me work at opening all the bioxes from Trish, maybe visiting ali and packing goody bags! Sounds like heaven!Cannot believe it's the retreat on Saturday, I have not prepared a single thing ! Then again, i have my 'helping out' head on, not my 'scrapping head'( though I seem to have lost that recently!)I'm still trying to check everything on my list for tomorrow...Lilly's birthday pressie, breakfast (!), last minute retreat finishing touches..oh and camera and needles! We will be having alittle sewing lesson too if we have time!
Not much else to share..seem to be running around after the kids non stop at the momnet from school to clubs etc.
Had a lovely evening with real live company as my friend Emma popped over for pizza , wine and chocolate brownies !(sorry Anna, I will stink of garlic tomorrow!)
Right I am off to wrap Lilly's pressie, change batteries in my camera and wash up, or it will be sitting there when I get home tomorrow afternoon!
No new photos so this is one of Holly after the party she went to on Saturday!


domestic goddess said...

love her face paint, mm dont expoect a polished house from me!!!

Anonymous said...

You are such a gem helping Anna out!!
Can't wait to see you on Saturday!
Bring the FUN ON!!