Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Clumsy scrapper strikes again!

I was trying to do a layout of Em last night and managed to cut the cardstock down to 8 x 11 instead od 8.5 x 11 - grrrrr!!
Anyway, here's the one I managed the night before...and yes the cut out flowers cover ink smudges!
Holly is at a friends for the afternoon and Em is waiting for her friend to arrive...I swear if I have to listen to the High School Musical soundtrack again I'm going to go mad!
Hopefully I might get a bit of time to start sorting some of my stash out.I'm in the mood to scrap and it would be easirer if I could find what I'm looking for!


domestic goddess said...

mmm and i have you to blame for our house full of troy anf gabriella, ggrrr

Annette said...

Love it Sue, gorgeous stitching stamp too xx

Gigi said...

such an adorable l/o...what a sweet smile! & love the stitching on the sides...

happy weekend! gigi

lyzzydee said...

Very nice layout, its good that you are confident enough to invent your own sizes!!!
you are soooooo clever!!

jake said...

Lol!!! This is ME! Always covering up 'happenings' Lol! Usually where I drop paint or a ink pad :-)

Lovely layout Sue

jk xxx