Friday, February 16, 2007

Quiet day!

Well apart from having to make sure we were all up early for the arrival of Em's friend! I get very lazy during the school hols and get out of the habit of getting up 'early'.However Em had a friend over this morning and her mum dropped her off on her way to work so we were all up and decent! To give them a bit of space I went round to my mum & dad's to see my sister and nieces, with Holly.Don't worry, Geoff was still here, I didn't leave them home alone!
Holly had great fun digging huge holes in her grandad's garden, followed by lunch during which she wolfed down most of the fruit salad!
This evening I have done my Pencil Lines Lo ,yes...early!Thanks for the emergency supplies Ali ;)
So not much to report here really!
Off to find a couple of from yesterday and one from today!

Have a good weekend!

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domestic goddess said...

so adore this photo of our girls :)