Thursday, February 15, 2007

Fun day!!

We have had a good day here today! Anna came over to visit with Izzy and Lilly, we had lunch, took loads of photos and had fun!

I was lucky enough for Anna to bestow me with some of her ribbon from her trip to LA.I am in ribbon heaven....!It's so lovely I can hardly bear to use it!(No change there then!)

We spent the morning gossiping while the girls amused themselves, something they are very good at when they get together!

After lunch we headed off down to the lakes armed with our cameras...and the girls! Yep, two scrappers, two cameras and four children...add in a deep muddy puddle and a game of Poohsticks and you get the picture! The promised trip to the playground was postponed after Lilly and Holly got very wet and muddy in the aforementioned puddle! We then went home for hot chocolate and muffins and the girls settled down to do drawing and watch Babe!I love how they get on so well together.

So inevitably my photos today are all our trip out to the park!


domestic goddess said...

PMSL used the same pic you have used, the girls and i had such a great day, thank you xoxoxoxoxo

jake said...

Izzy reminds me of my girlies years ago... always caught on camera tramping over the fields/woods with a BIG stick and wellies! Bless x x x

jk x