Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I'm back!!

Did you miss me?! I was going to update while we were away but I couldn't suss out how to add pics on the laptop so I gave up!

We got back this afternoon , the journey home was pretty easy, luckily! Both girls aren't too hot though :(.Em seems to be coming down with a cold and Holly coughed so much in her sleep earlier she made herself sick....:(.As you can see from the photo we are awaiting a visit from the tooth fairy tonight.At last Holly's first top tooth has come out! She woke me this morning at 6.45am to tell me the good news! It's a relief, it's caused sooo many tears the last couple of weeks!

So what have I been up to....did a little shopping yesterday! I went to Costco and got a pack of two (nice) 12 x 12 albums for about £10 !! Plus a fab pack of Sue Dreamer memo pads for each month of the year.I am going to use them to make a Lo for both girls each month, with dates of when they did stuff and photos.I will take a pic tomorrow.Also got a bargain pack of playing cards from Borders which are clear!! I thought they were £4.99, got to the till and they were £1 !!I'm going to use them for my Emily prompts, it will save me painting so many! I have two to do this week!

Tomorrow night I also neeed to do my CJ entry in Jo's book so that I can hand it to Anna on Thursday .Pencil Lines Lo for this week is planned in my head but I'm bound to change my mind at the last minute! And on the subject of Pencil Lines Lo for this week! Apologies for the not geat pic, the light was really bad on Saturday morning.I still can't decide whether I like it a 12 x 12 or as A4 (without the lilac cardstock) best....

Oh and is it possible to scrap with nail extensions?! I had my nails done whilst we were away (BIL's girlfriend wanted to practice on me!)...and I'm having enough problems doing the simple stuff (like opening a can of coke!), I don't know how I'm going to pick up brads!!


Shirley said...

You may have to trim your extensions lovey! I manage to work with mine, but don't whatever you do try to wrap pressies, sellotape loves them and it hurts to rip it off!
I like the A4 and the 12x12 so I am no help and will now shurrup!

domestic goddess said...

i have no idea how you scrapped with nail extensions! good to ahve you back, see you thursday :)

Rachel Whetzel said...

I want to see those clear playing cards! They sound so cool!