Friday, February 23, 2007

How come...

...I miss posting just one day, and it seems like ages since I last blogged? There hasn't been much going on to share really (is there ever?!) The girls were happy today, they both got a bag of scrapping goodies through the post from Anna :) Em is very impressed with all her Junkitz Teen papers so thank you hun!
Not much crafting going on for me...had a quick look at my Pencil Lines sketch and tried to guess how many more buttons I need to finish it!I've heard lots of different opinions on using sketches recently.I always said I didn't 'do' sketches.Then after a bad period of Scrappers block, someone suggested I tried using one to get back 'into' it. Believe me, it worked! So now, yes, most of my scrapping is done from sketches...and at the end of day, if I've got a layout that I'm happy with in my album then that's all that's important really.I'm sure in years to come people aren't going to look at my layouts and think 'Nice scrapping, shame it's from a sketch!' (Let's face it, they might not even think 'Nice scrapping!)I'm not here to start an argument , I'm just waving the flag for sketches a little bit :)!
Okay, so let's lighten up a bit! Anyone else watched the You Tube Dirty Dancing wedding video ? How cool was that? So wish I'd been brave enough to do it!(No chance of anyone lifting me though!
So this Sunday is finally cropping day - woohoooo!! Am I organised? Nope! Is my bag packed? Nope! change there then!
Nothing planned for tomorrow , though if the weathers nice (doubtful after today !) I might venture out with the girls and my camera!
Photo today is of Humphrey , my near that sits on the drawers next to my side of the bed for no other reason than he makes me smile!


Dutchie in Canada said...

I think that what you say about sketches is so true! I've had it too, a bad scrappersblock and when I tried a sketch...boy did it turn out great! Most of the times I use them now, gives me a start, and saves me several hours thinking how and where to place everything! So yes! Sketches are great!!!

domestic goddess said...

i love teddy :)
sketches are fab, hey i wouldnt say any different would I now. Cant wait to crop tomorrow although like you nothing packed or prepared!!!

Ann(i)e said...

YEAH for are so RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!