Friday, February 09, 2007

Slush... what our snow is turning to :( We've had rain this afternoon and everything looks dirty and slushy now.

The planned pub lunch went ahead as planned today after mum & dad stepped in and offered to look after the girls and their friend! Hallelujah!!Yet again I went for scampi followed by chocolate brownie...I predicatble!

Finally finished my Pencil Lines lo for this week, can't wait to see everyone else's ! At the moment I can either use it as 12 x 12 or A4...still deciding!

Tomorrow we are off to visit Geoff's parents for few days ( weather permitting) in Widnes.Hopefully my SIL should be able to do me a chain to wear my solitary Dolly bead on when it turns up next week!

Anyway, I'll leave you with more pics of yesterdays fun! Don't know if I'll get chance to post while I'm away so if not see you soon!


Ann(i)e said...

you have been taking such lovely pictures lately...such great color!! your snowman is adorable....I didn't get a single picture of our wee small snowman...URGH!

Caz said...

loving your snow pics Sue! I managed to get home early enough to take loads too, but will still be looking to raid your pile ;)