Wednesday, February 21, 2007

This is what..

..I made last night.Told you it wasn't huge! Papers are Basic Grey Gypsy , they look more pink IRL,Angel Kiss flowers and Dovecraft brads.Simple but sweet! I think I might put it in Holly's room and make one for Em once I get some pics from Anna from last week.
Cannot believe we are finally cropping agin on's been too long!Need to sort out some stuff and make sure I travel light (ish) Or I could just sit and chat and eat the nibbles and forget the scrapping stuff!Anna, don't get too excited about me having a haircut - it just means I will be able to see what I'm doing!
So on to today...I have spent ages searching through every pile of paperwork trying to find our Tesco hotel vouchers so that I can book us a night away next month.They've still not turned up and I'm not happy!
So, our 'Hone & Dry' unit has been fitted (yep, you're enthralled by this aren't you?!) and so far.....totally dry windows - I'm impressed! The real test will be tomorow morning and whether the windows are dry then.
Next week I will hopefully be meeting up with Caz , who has deservedly made it through to the Top 50 of MM Idol! Congratulations hun!
I leave you with a pic of Holly's new boots that I got for her last week for a bargainous ...£4!!


chanel said...

cute pic, love what you've done!

domestic goddess said...

awww i so love that photo of the girls, so so sweet :)

Ann(i)e said...

hope you have found your vouchers by now!! hate it when that happens!!
LOVE those boots...i need a pair!