Thursday, February 08, 2007

Let it snow let it snow let it snow!

Guess what my post will be about today then :)!!

The snow finally arrived and a decent amount too! The girls school was closed (and will be tomorrow too) so by 8.30am we were out having a snowball fight with the rest of the street! After that we headed over to the park to go sledging.A fab time was had by all and I even got a go on the sledge too, despite Holly thinking that I'd break it! By the time we came home it was still only about 10.15am! We spent the rest of the morning warming up again before going out into the garden after lunch to build a snowlady and have another snowball fight!

Tomorrow school losure changes a few plans...including a pub lunch! And my scrapping time :( Can't see me getting my card done for Emily's challenge done til next week now.Spent ages sorting my pics for Pencil Lines this week but still need to finish it tomorrow.

Lots of pics of the snow today!

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domestic goddess said...

love love love your snowlady,
speak soon