Sunday, February 25, 2007

Week 21 is live....

Yep, you must be sick of this photo by now I'm sure!But I couldn't not use it !

This week I used

KI Memories ribbon,
various buttons
Ribbons from Anna
KI Memories rub-ons
Heidi Swapp letters
various brads
And sorry, more Angel Kiss blooms!

Today I went cropping in Huntingdon.Yes, I know it sounds a bit of a distance but I love hopping on the train for the half hour journey and I love our happy little group! I am also in awe of Kerry and Kerry who sit opposite me and create several gorgeous LO's whilst I struggle to do one! Thanks to Ali for wafting the brads under my nose too.....;) All I have to do now is unpack everything and put it all away again!

Tomorrow we have to take Em to the Orthadontist for her call -back appointment to see if she will need braces or not.She's not really looking forward to it but is putting on a brave face. And on the subject of teeth, Holly's other top front tooth came out yesterday so now she is well and truly gappy!


domestic goddess said...

it was good to see you hun, and i will never be tired of that photo :)

Rachel Whetzel said...

Such a pretty Picture! How can you NOT like it!