Friday, September 05, 2008


...I am sick of the rain,sick of the grey clouds and..I am sick of the slugs!!! The yucky squidgy things seem to be everywhere!
I feel like I have 1001 jobs to get done around the house,a million letters to read from schools and Brownies, and 101 things to pay out for.Okay,so maybe that'a a bit of an exaggeration...but that's what it feels like at the moment.And I don't now where to start!!
Reality has hit Em a bit today as she has loads of homework this weekend :( Other than that though she seems to enjoying it so far.
This weekend we are off to watch anna do her run in Hyde Park.Holly is insistant that we go, even if it's pouring with rain,bless her! Looks very doubtful that we will have the beautiful weather we had last year!
Oh, and a lesson learnt...never trust a friend not to eat the Reeses Pieces they bought know who you are!!


lyzzydee said...

Homework ?? Beth has a bit but I seem to have a fair bit of book covering to do as well!!

Sara said...

Hope you manage a dry trip to London lovelies xx