Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Someone tell me

where this year is going...we're just about in October already! I seem to be really bad at keeping track of stuff going on this week too! I'm blaming it on the fact that the end of this week is over the page on the calender so it's been out of sight out of mind!
Both girls are busy on Friday,Holly has a school trip and Em has a charity fun run/walk.I'd made plans to take trip to The Waffle House for lunch with a friend...but had forgotten it was the same day Geoff is off work and have made (boring) plans with him too! So lunch has been canclled and I get to do exciting stuff like going to Costco to do a bulk shop instead...I also need to pop into The Paper Mill to buy calendars so I can start on Christmas presents....Seems far too early,but if I start now,I may be able to hand some over rather than spending a bomb posting them.

Still haven't sorted out my eye test so I need to do that this week so that I can stop holding things at a distance to get them in focus!I'm hoping it stays dry on Saturday as Holly wants to go for walk in the woods and it's much nicer when it's dry!
And this is the layout I got done on Sunday.I used Basic Grey Eva papers.I am really bad at buying BG papers and then leaving them untouched as I have no idea how to use them so I'm glad I used these within a month of buying them!I think Em is in shock that I've done three LO's of her in two weeks,but she has been happy to have her photo taken recently so I actually have photos of her to use. Which helps!


Sara said...

She has got style!

Lyzzydee said...

Very pretty layout!! Sorry about Wednesday, I'll be there next week.

Gigi said...

oh sue such a gorgeous layout!!!

domestic goddess said...

love this layout hun xx