Tuesday, September 02, 2008

One down, one to go!

Holly went back to school today in the worst weather we've ever had on the first day of term! She went in wearing winter uniform which has never happened before on her first day back:( My photos aren't that great this year,maybe she's past the age of smiling sweetly for me!
This morning Em and I went into town with my Mum for a drink at Costas (can't really say we went for a coffee as neither of us drink it!) to 'celebrate' her last day at home.She will up bright and early tomorrow morning as she is meeting up with a group of other girls so that they can all go in together.

So tomorrow afternoon the house will be mine..all mine!!

Not much else happening here really,just drawing up a huge list in my head of the all the jobs that need doing around the house.Of course,most of them won't get done and I'll be drawing up the same list agin when they go back after October's half term! One thing I have to do is sort out my papers and tote as I have stuff stacked up all over the place and nothing's getting used!


domestic goddess said...

omg doesnt Holly looks so grown up, and Em, awwww sending hugs xxx

Sara said...

Holly looks so sweet !

Ann(i)e Hafermann said...

both look oh so lovely....i think i would go for the hot chocolate over the uniform though!!!!

Helen Aitchison said...

What gorgeous grown up girls, they are a real credit to you Sue.