Friday, September 12, 2008

Oh well....

..I did say I would probably blog less once the girls were back at school,looks like I was right!I have meant to update the last couple of nights,I just couldn't be bothered though!
Anyway,the week has been so exciting I can't even remember what I've done!High point was Wednesday when Anna came over to deliver a parcel :)Although we didn't go out anywhere,we had a lovely day just 'being',if you see what I mean! We sorted out some sponsorship stuff for Pencil Lines (which is so gorgeous I may just have to get everything else in the range!),went out to the corner shop to buy lunch and then sat on the floor and scrapped!

On Tuesday I decided to start tackling the mess that is my least I can get to some of it without loads of other stuff falling on me now.I need to get rid of all the cardmaking stuff as I know I will never use it.I'm hoping to take a load of it to Holly's Brownie pack so that they can make cards at christmas.
Planning a quiet weekend as Em is full of cold.The weather is supposed to be good so hopefully we can spend a bit of time in the garden too.
Scrapping wise,I got my mini book from Anna's summer workshop finished earlier in the week,filled with pics from our visit to Formby Point in August.I have to admit that this is probably only about the second mini book I have ever completed!But having done it, I fancy doing a few more of other stuff we've done.I actually have ideas for a few more Lo's in my head too, which makes a change!But I think I'll save them for when I next crop!


Sara said...

Love those beach photos Sue. Remember I am always on hand if there is clearing out to be done - my favorite task!! x

domestic goddess said...

hi hunny, i loved our wednesday, we must do it again, soon. Hows about Friday!!!!