Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Shopping,pressies and cake :)

Happy Birthday to me !
I have had a lovely day (off work-woohoo!)I had momiji's from the girls this morning,shortly folllowed by a phone call from Anna :).Then after taking the girls to school my lovely husband took me to Thurrock for a little retail therapy.It was really supposed to be window shopping,but it's not really that often we go there so we made the most of it! I managed to leave a few bits on the shelves in Primark as well as getting some bargain mary jane style Crocs,DVDs and a cupcake recipe book from the Works :)So apart from nearly bursting into tears in the Dorothy Perkins changing rooms (and no,it wasn't to do with my weight!)it was a good trip.I dined on a Mcdonalds for breakfast (it is too long since I last had a sausage and egg McMuffin!)and a Pizza Hut lunch...I am going to diet hell this week!
Once back home having picked up the girls, my Mum & Dad came round for birthday cake and I had more pressies,including a threading water punch and a new Mackinac Moon tote :)
I'm now looking forward to Friday when I see Anna so I can help her spend some money! As well as going for lunch....!Will pop later with photos (depending on what they are like!)


Sara said...

Happy Birthday Sue! Enjoy your day with Anna xx

lyzzydee said...

Happy birthday for yesterday I am sorry that I missed it but what did you expect??
I will try harder. Not seen you in ages, need to catch up.