Monday, September 01, 2008

September already??

Someone tell me where this year is going!
Today has been spent doing all the last minute school stuff (yes, the stuff that I was saying I was going to do a week ago!)PE kit has been named,homework finished and trousers taken up (okay, so my mum did that bit for me!)
Our main task of the day was to decorate Holly's new pencil case.The school state that she has to have one that her ruler will fit into ,which has to be a 12" one.Of course all the pencil cases that size are plain and boring and not the jazzy HSM ones she wanted.So we bought her a plain red one and promised to 'HSM' it for her...I have trying to work out how since we bought it.This is the finished result! Amazing what you do with a bit of tracing, a permanent marker and a Sharpie poster paint pen! I am really chuffed with it and luckily so is Holly!

Holly has been a bit quiet and down today,she is nervous about going up into juniors ,brought ona bit by knowing em won't be there for her either.So to perk her up we had a little photo shoot in the garden so she could 'model' the gorgeous summer clothes that she has hardly had chance to wear ,before she grows out of them!
Fingers crossed I will get some 'first day' photos tomorrow ,but as heavy rain is forecast I'm not over hopeful :( Then we do it all over again on Wednesday when Em starts -sniff sniff! ) It will feel very weird tomorrow only making one packed lunch!


lyzzydee said...

Well done, you artiste you!!!! Hope all goes well at school tomorrow

Sara said...

Hope all went well for both girls xx

domestic goddess said...

ooo look at you miss arty farty!!!