Thursday, September 18, 2008

Settling in

So a couple of weeks into term and both the girls seem to be settling in at school okay.I am so pleased that Em seems so happy and is joining in with lots of new stuff.She is taking part in the house drama competition and has aslo started playing hockey too.She came home in her games kit this afternoon (we are just round the corner from the school) and she looked so different and grown up!It's amazing how someone can grow up so much in the space of a couple of weeks :)Holly had her second swimming lesson at school today and was a lot happier than she was after last weeks,which is a good thing!

Geoff came home with one of these for me this evening :)It's so dinky and matches my lovely green jumper (which complete strangers keep commenting on!)It wasn't ,but I'm going to count it as an anniversary pressie as today is our 15th weddding anniversary :)
Just checked my blog from this time last year,and I'm doing exactly the same thing as then...seeing Anna tomorrow to go for lunch and shopping for bits for Izzy's birthday pressies & party!
We have had gorgeous weather here today ,it feels like Autumn is on its way! I'm so tempted to buy loads of the gorgeous Halloween stash that is around this year...but I don't think we'll be going trick or treating this year as Holly will be away on her first Brownie Pack holiday and I'm not sure if Em's that bothered!

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domestic goddess said...

happy anniversary darlin!! Was so loevly to see you today
huge hugs xxxx