Thursday, September 25, 2008

Plodding on...

This week I have been doing little bits & pieces around the house,moving my Momiji's,changing photo frames...that sort of thing!I think I am trying to pysch myself up for the huge job that sorting my wardrobe will be! It's not just used for's also stuffed full with photo albums, bags ,records...the list is endless! At the moment I can't get any more clothes into it which is not good news!
The whole house looks like it needs a paint job too at the moment so I'm going to start on that soon too.I can probably get the living room done bit by bit myself,the kitchen is the one I'm dreading as I'll need to empty out the free standing cupboards first and they are full too...

This evening Em went back into school to help out with open evening.I can't believe it's a year since we went round there with her.She gets to go in late tomorrow morning so at least she gets a bit of a lie in!
This weekend Em is off to a sleepover..with five other girls..I think she'll be ready to go back to bed again when she comes home!Holly is off to Legoland with Brownies,Geoff is on work so I'll have the place to myself for a few hours on Sunday:) Why does that always feel like such a 'treat' when it's on a day when they should all be here?!
I've done no scrapping this week and the camera's hardly been used either ,other than some photos I took of Holly earlier in the week, just because she looked cute!

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