Monday, June 30, 2008

More from the poppy field...

These are two of my favourites from Saturdays visit :) The one of Holly isn't was windy and her hat was about to blow away! And I had to do a bit of crawling about to get the one of the poppy against the sky! I'm tempted to go back and get some of the poppy heads so that I can scatter the seeds in the front garden for next year!

And this is one of the layouts I did yesterday.And yes, it does looks very Anna-ish, I used a photo she gave me! I didn't bother with a title as it's to go in Holly's room.I also did one for Em ,of her & her best friend so I won't be putting that one online.
Tomorrow Em is off to do an IT Masterclass at her future senoir school,she is really excited to have been picked :)

Haven't started on the stash sorting yet...I am the queen of procrastination!!
Excuse the photos being all over the place, they don't look like that when I preview the post!

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jakey said...

Sue, these photographs are fantastic - the one of the poppies is amazing!! I'm all inspired to get my big camera out (yet again) and have another try with it... I always say I'll get to grips when I have more time... humph - whenever will THAT be! Lol!