Wednesday, June 11, 2008

On a roll...

..thanks to there being nothing on the TV and Geoff watching dvd's that I don't want to watch,I've spent the last two evenings scrapping in the kitchen :) First off I got a CJ entry done that has been scaring me for ages! In the end I really enjoyed doing it and love the final result.

Last night I sat down and did a layout using the June Scrapping Angels kit.Whilst I like the papers I had not a clue what to do with them! But again, once I got going I ended up with a layout I am really plesased with :) Plus, the benefit of using just a kit is that I make a lot less mess as I'm not rummaging through all my other stash, I have to work with what I'm given! As I can't really show the CJ entry, here's a peep at the layout.The gallery goes live on Friday :) I still have a couple of other bits to make with it too .

I have finally achieved a tiny personal goal today too..not going to say what it is as it'll probably curse it !! But I am happy about it!

Today we received the information pack for Em's new's all becoming very real and a little scary now :( And can you believe they charge to hire a locker for a year?! What's that all about?! I think we are resigning ourselves to the fact that our bank balance will never be the same again..!


Sara said...

sneak peak looks gorgeous !

domestic goddess said...

I am dead proud of you hun xx well done

lyzzydee said...

Oh I take it you have hit that magic total????? Well done