Friday, June 20, 2008

The early bird..

doesn't always get the worm!I thought I'd start early and try and get some of Em's school uniform this afternoon.There is an open evening in a couple of weeks when you can order it all but I thought I'd try and get in first before the other 150 mum's start buying it up.And we came home polo shirt,the only one in the shop -great!So much for beating the rush!But does this mean that unless you buy your uniform at the beginning of term you have no hope of buying it the rest of the year?!
At last there are flowers on my sweet peas! They are no where near as high as last years, but there seem to be lots of buds on them.
We have no major plans for the weekend,just a lazy day on Sunday as it's Geoff's birthday :) His pressie pile is looking a bit small but then he has no idea what he wants other than stuff way out of my price range!


Sara said...

I didn't get around to planting sweetpeas this year :( and I so miss have them cut in the house.

domestic goddess said...

my sweet peas are looking sad, think i left them to late to plant out :(

lyzzydee said...

Don't worry about the uniform, they will order it in in huge amounts in time for the summer holidays!!!

Ady said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and for your sweet comments. Your work is beautiful... I'm sure they'll bring more uniforms in soon.