Saturday, June 07, 2008

Gorgeous Girlyness

I got round to putting the transfer up on Holly's room today :) I decided to wait as the instructions said it was best to put it up with two people,and much as I wanted to do it sooner I didn't want to risk ruining it!

So...ta da! It's a really nice plum colour and though it's not as big as I expected (no, I didn't bother looking at the measurements!) it still looks really nice.The lettering isn't really wonky, I had to take the photo at a strange angle as the room is so small !

We've just been pottering about the house today, clearing more stuff out in the garden,doing a bit of weeding and a whole heap of ironing -what joy!

Tomorrow the weather looks good so we might head down to lakes for a wander (and a photo session !)

I'm a little bit worried about my Pencil Lines layout for tomorrow as Anna's checked if I'd used the same sketch as everyone else !! I didn't think it was that unrecognisable...;) !


Sara said...

OMG I love that transfer - have been thinking about buying it for Evies room for ages !
ps. We should make a whole day of lunch and visiting Your touch of craft and CTM with Annie, Anna & Helen !!

Sandie said...

I just love that transfer, so perfect for a girls room too.

domestic goddess said...

cannot wait to get my ahnds on the transfer, it looks gorgeous!