Monday, June 16, 2008

Technology hates me...

I was late starting on my PL sketch this week and when I finally chose the photo I wanted to use...the PC decided to fall out with my printer big time :( Geoff must have spent about two hours trying to sort it out,to no avail.Hence why I have no Pencil Lines layout to share this week! The stupid thing is still not working, but hopefully I'll get the layout done once it is.
On Saturday we had the girls school fete.Anna ,Peter & the girls joined us and arrived just in the nick of time to wactch Em in the line dancing display :) Holly & Peter won coconuts,Lilly & Holly had pony rides and they all went down the huge inflatable slide!(The girls that is, not Peter!)After that we headed back to ours (well we did, Anna ended up at John Lewis ;) !)as Anna had some bits and pieces to pick up.The girls bounced a bit more energy off on the trampoline while we sat and chilled!It was a lovely day :)
Yesterday the girls gave Geoff a dragon kite for Fathers Day and the little book I made up for him.They both wrote a message for him in the back of it:)The rest of the day was spent around the house and the pool is now up and ready for some sunshine :) The day finished with a roast and I ate far too many potatoes!

This is the other layout I did with the Scrapping Angels kit, I went a little bit mad with my circle punches!


domestic goddess said...

hehehe, what are those two like!
Naughty naughty at the potatoes!
hugs xx

Sara said...

That LO is awesome - think you need to teach that technique at the next retreat !

Sandie said...

I think you should go mad with your circle punches more often, that is one cool layout!!