Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Dare I..

...actually commit myself to trying to do this ?!I think I can handle just one month! July is always a bit emotional anyway being the end of the school year,but this year will be even more so as it's Em's final year at junior school.The calendar already seems full with open evenings, senior school visists, sports day and end of term parties...so I think this is a perfect month to do this.Not sure what format I'm going to go for as I've only just decided to do this about half an hour ago. I may go for 7 x5 pages in Bazill and use up some of my 'scraps'.

This afternoon I went shopping...pretty unsucessfully :(Though I did get a few good bits,I didn't actually get what I went for so will have to head off somewhere else. Holly is pleased with the pink HSM duvet cover I got her anyway!

This is another of the layouts I got done on Sunday.I'm going to do a matching one of Holly and pop them up on a wall somewhere :)

Right, off to write about my day today before I forget and fall off the wagon before I've started!


Ann(i)e Hafermann said...

that is a stunning layout my dear!!!!
i am reading your blog from America and the live traffic feed is STILL covering your text.......i can see what you are up to, but not READ what you are up to....good thing the pics are always on the far right!!!!

domestic goddess said...

you so rock 6" x 12", love these layouts!
hugs xxxx

~Sasha Farina~ said...

good luck!! can't wait to see your album!

oheidia said...

It's a beautiful layout and i love the colour contrast that you use here. It's a nice format!

You left a comment in my blog reminded me to send my layout to the gallery (pencilines) but i don't know how to find the gallery you are talking about! Could you just give med a link and i may send my layout to this gallery.

You have a very nice blog, by the way! Thank you for posting a comment in my blog.

Have a nice day. In norway we have rain to day, i hope for sunshine tomorow!


vavovir said...

Very nice... I love it... scrap bizzzzzz