Friday, June 27, 2008

Inspired by Lyzzy...

I am such a copy cat that having seen Lyzzy's gorgeous poppy field photos on her blog earlier in the week,I made Anna drive us there today (it's only 5 mins away so she didn't take much persuading!)so we could take arty photos !The poppies really are breathtaking,it's like standing in a sea of red.

After hitting the poppy field we went into town for a browse around the shops.If you have girls that are into HSM, pop into Claires as they have lots of bargains at the moment!Though Anna was a little puzzled at how she came out of there spending about 5 times as much as I did!
My sweet peas have finally really taken off so I sent Anna home with a bunch:)I don't like cutting them, but I guess you have to,to make them flower more!
Holly came home from Brownies today with her first badge ,her hostess badge :)They have lots going on this term and she seems to be really enjoying it.
Tomorrow Em has a friend coming over for a sleepover ,if the weather is nice Holly wants to go to poppy field and on Sunday it's crop day.As usual I'm not at all organised and will be faffing around with my stuff very late tomorrow night!


lyzzydee said...

Sue they are lovely, The sky looks fine!!The day I went was so windy it was hard to keep them in shot!!

Sara said...

Looks gorgeous !

Sandie said...

Gorgeous photos, I just love poppies!

domestic goddess said...

had such fun!so good to see you again today