Sunday, June 22, 2008

First splash of the season!

Today it was finally warm enough for the girls to go in the pool! Well, I don't think the water was actually that warm, but they were determined to go in!They enjoyed themselves anyway, though Holly's lips were a bit blue when she came out!
Today the man of the house has his birthday, so large (for us anyway!) amounts of alcohol were consumed last night, as we have work tomorrow!This morning we tried to fly the kite he got for Fathers Day ,but it continually nose dived into the ground despite it being mega windy so we gave up and came home!We also squidged in a quick photo shoot,a major achievement as Geoff hates them as I 'take too long' to take the photos -cheek!As he isn't really a cake eater we made a batch of fairy cakes ,iced with candles in :)
This is my Pencil Lines layout this week:) I used Scrap Diary paper,

Prima swirls
MM Delaney journalling paper
MM brads
Doodlebug Loopy Lou aplha stickers
Photots are of Izzy and Holly , who are always happy to pose for us when the cameras come out!


lyzzydee said...

Happy Birthday Geoff!

domestic goddess said...

Happy Birthday Geoff, cannot wait to see the photo shoot!!

Sara said...

Great lo sue, love that dotty paper