Wednesday, June 18, 2008


So I've sat down to blog...and I'm not sure I have much to share :( Today I have had the interesting task of shredding paperwork,old bills etc and lessening the piles of junk in the kitchen - fun!At least I'm no longer being hit by things falling off the shelf though, which can only be a good thing!
The printer and PC still aren't talking to each other but hopefully it wll get sorted out tomorrow evening :)
Today I got a new recipe book with some nice things in.At the weekend I need to buy a new flan dish.I did buy one last Sunday but it fell off the drying rack and smashed before I'd had chance to use it - I was not happy!
I've no new layouts to share so here's a pic of the little book I made for Geoff for Fathers Day :)I put his favourite photos of the girls in it and they each wrote on a page for it too.I was going to use different papers, but I have so many scraps and small pieces of Loveland left over that I used some of them up instead.!

These chalk drawings make me smile :)These are Holly's drawings of me & Geoff that she did at the weekend.Oh to have a waist like that in real life!She is in need of lots of cuddles at the moment,it's no fun being seven sometimes :(


domestic goddess said...

give holly a HUGE HUGE hug fro us, will talk tomorrow

Sara said...

Love the b&w photos you used in the album - gorgeous !