Friday, June 13, 2008

Fifteen years late..

When we got married nearly 15 years ago, we had the usual things on our wedding present list,one thing being a pair of kitchen scales from Argos. We got given some vouchers to buy them with but they got spent on something else,and we never got round to buying any others.So for the last 15 years I have used a tiny set of Weight Watchers scales to do any measuring (which shows how much cooking I do really!)Today when we were out I saw some rather sweet pink retro weighing scales for a bargain £ 15 years on, I finally gave decent weighing scales! Yes, I know, very long winded and boring but that's the story behind them!

This is one of the layouts I did with the June Scrapping Angels kit. I'm guessing I will run out of steam soon as I've done more scrapping this week than I have in ages! Yesterday I made up one of Anna's mini books made from one sheet of bazzill,as a pressie for Geoff on Sunday from the girls.I've also done my fathers Day card and the two kit layouts.
Today we made the most of a rare day on our own and went out for lunch at Frankie & Benny's -yum! Following that we had a wander round the shops and had a nose in Aldis.We came home with an inflatable mattress so that Em can have freinds round to stay without Holly being turfed out to her Nan & Grandads so that we can use her mattress!
Tomorrow we have the school fete.We have made cakes, filled jars and donated bottles! Em is manning a stall and doing Line Dancing so hopefully the rain will hold off:)


Sara said...

I cannot imagine how you have managed so long without decent scales !lol. Love the lo as ever, the colours are fab.

Sandie said...

Ooh Sue, your layout is gorgeous. Just love that photo too.

domestic goddess said...

gorgeous layout hun, had such a good time on saturday, tahnks xx