Sunday, September 02, 2007

week 48 now live over at Pencil Lines! Didn't think I was going to make it this week with Holly being unwell for a couple of nights(yes, I really do work that close to the deadlines - poor Anam!)I got there in the end though!
I used
Crate Papers Kate collection
Zsiage 'F' (inked)
Cherry arte cipboard letters (inked )
KI Memories gel candy letters
Lil Davis Crillon chipboard letters
Angel Kiss hydrangea flowers
Looking at it now, I think I could have chucked more on it! How come I love other poeples clean & simple layouts but always think mine look empty?!
Anyway, I do ike it, especially the photo.This was Holly's first sighting of the beach when we went to Filey this year.We walked for ages trying to find a way on to the beach and she ran off with excitement when she realised we were almost there! Love these papers, I was a bit loathe to cut them up but luckily I have plenty of scraps left!
We've had a quiet couple of days here.Holly turned out to have a build up of ear wax rather than an ear infection and was a lot more settled last night.We are putting drops of olive oil in her ear and have to go back to the docs this week to see if it's shifted.After a rough night on Friday, she has a sleep yesterday afternoon.I'd forgotten the joy of afternoon naps! Amazing what you can done in that time!Geoff was back at work today and although the weather wasn't great we had a bbq for tea :)
Yesterday we bought the girls the soundtrack for High School Musical 2.Oh the shame..I have to admit I quite some of it!Let's face it, I'd rather they listened to and watched that than some of the stuff that's around!
I leave you with a couple more photos of our trip out on Friday :)

I love the red pandas , they have to be one of my favourite animals! I was so excited to get this photo, they're always asleep in the trees when we go to Whipsnade Zoo!


ania said...

It's beautiful, so calm and serene..and the story behind the photo is quite cute :)

Sue said...

Love your LO .:)

Sandie said...

I think your layout is gorgeous. But I'm the same as you, when I try to do clean and simple I always think there is not enough "stuff" on it LOL.

Jolene Pienaar said...

Love your LO and those photos!

Rosie said...

Thanks for your comment and I do love this LO... As for Holly's ear wax problem, have you heard of ear wax candles? (holistic treatment to cure that, although I'm not certain that it's suitable for kids...)They might help if it happens again. Sorry, I waffled, didn't I?