Friday, September 07, 2007

Oops...long time no blog!

Hadn't realised it was that long since I last posted, but have had my wrist slapped do here I am!
So we are getting back into the routine of school, work etc etc :(
Em is feeling very grown up as she started walking home from school with her friends and not me & Holly. The first thing she said when she got in today was...'That was cool!' She is growing up....and to prove it we had her 'Moving on ' pack today - applicatons for senior school next year.I think we have some heavy reading ahead of us!
Today I met up with lovely Caz :) We had a very slow wander round Hobby Craft and bought a few goodies.Shopping with a crafting friend is so much more fun! We bought and split a couple of packs of MM goodies and some ribbon and i have lots of things on a wish list!Caz also saved my life by printing a photo for me too so thank you hun! ;)

This morning I got happy post( along with a few others!),more gorgeous Scenic Route papers plus restocks of my faves!Would have been happier had the postie not bent them in half, but at least he pushed them the whole way through the letter box so they 'self flattened ' a bit!
Right, I am off to bed as I was supposed to go ages ago! No new photos so I leave you with a pic of scrapping angels CJ which is currently in Anna's safe keeeping!


domestic goddess said...

and may i add is absolutly gorgeous!!!

ania said...

Such a lovely cover! Love esp the rubons (?) at bottom! Lovelove Scenic Route :) Enjoy :)