Saturday, September 22, 2007

Catching up...again!

Just trying to remember why I didn't update the other night when I meant to...and I remembered - the PC had a hissy fit and shut itself down on me twice , so I gave up!
On Thursday Anna came over and we had another fab day :)First off we whizzed over to Toys R Us to do some last minute shopping for Izzy's birthday party.We resisted the urge to go in Hobbycraft as we didn't think we'd have enough time.Next we went into Stevenage town centre and dived into Tesco's (to buy High School Musical clothes(for the girls, not us!!))and Poundland for more party goodies :) Also managed to get the most fab Halloween stickers in there - I am determined to make it to a pumpkin patch this year!!After that we went to the pub for lunch.Whilst in there Anna phoned home and discovered that Peter was home and could pick up Izzy & Lilly from school - giving us extra shopping time:) So yes, we got in the car and hot footed it back to Hobbycraft! I was also lucky enough to get two gorgeous birthday pressies, a fab t-shirt and a necklace form the girls.Thank you so much!

Last night was the long awaited Disney premiere of High School Musical and we were descended upon by three of the girls friends.Sadly Holly, who was the most hyped up about it, ate too much chocolate and was sick half way through :(
This afternoon we are off to the Bowkis's for Izzy's HSM birthday party and me and the girls are staying over.Geoff is coming home for some peace & quiet!
Photos today are a sneak of my Pencil Lines layout for tomorrow night , and a pic of Holly trying catch up on some zzz's on the way home last Sunday! Love that photo!


Sandie said...

Great sneak peek again. It sounds like you and Anna had a fabulous time :D Have fun at the party!

domestic goddess said...

had a fab weekend with you and the girls, thanks so much for all your help