Thursday, September 27, 2007


It is just dawning on me what a whole heap of stuff I need to be doing right now and over the next couple of weeks......!!Not a good time to feel inpiration -less! So , making these two clipboards yesterday was something of an achievement at the moment!I am forever losing school/ Rainbows/ Dance class letters at the moment.When I went to Caz's the other week, she had a very nice Basic Grey covered clipboard hanging in her kitchen,with her 'to do' lists etc on.So I've nicked her idea and made a board for each of the girls so that I can try and keep all their letters in one place!Thanks for the inspiration Caz! I've used Junkitz papers to cover both boards and then just aded ribbon and Angel Kiss blooms to the corners.Now I just need to get teh hooks to hang them on and I am one forward forward in trying to get organised!

I was planning to scrap tonight , until I realised that we are going to a senior school open evening with Em ! Whoops! Hence why I am blogging now as I'm sure I won't remember later!

Not much else going on here. The weather is driving me up the wall, sunny one minute , freezing cold and blowing a gale and raining the next!

This afternoon I am off to the library to return the overdue books, pick up a new film schedule and book tickets for Em and Geoff to go and see Harry Potter on Saturday night.

Right, I am to run around like a headless chicken again!


Sandie said...

I hope life slows down for you soon Sue. Love the clipboard idea, I might have to do that myself, I'm forever misplacing school letters!

domestic goddess said...

what a fab idea hun, think i will pinch it from you!!!!

lyzzydee said...

Keep on slogging Sue, You'll get there, shame is no one knows where it is that we are all trying to get to!!