Saturday, September 15, 2007

Time flies....

...and I had no idea it was that long since I last updated!
I was going to blog last night but got back quite late.I went to Scrapbook Central's crop in Stevenage with Lyzzy and her daughter Laura :) Laura did the class and has a fab double layout to show for it! Lyzzy and I traded insults ,ate cake and even did a bit of scrapping.I finished my Pencil Lines sketch for tomorrow night and started another layout whilst Lyzzy raided my stamps!Well ,what's the point of going scrapping with a friend (a term I use loosely in this case :)!!) if you can't nick their stuff?! Afterwards we nipped to the chippy and I got home deafened by Lyzzy's tuneless singing and with a full tum!The cropping hall was great, really big and light, loads of room so hopefully we will be going again when the next one is arranged :)
Yesterday the Buddy elections took place at school (buddy's look after pupils who have no-one to play, are feeling sad etc at playtimes)Both girls stood ...and both won!! We are so proud! It's been a long time coming for Em, she has stood for election for the last two years too, so this makes it even more special for her :)
The weather has been gorgeous here this week.I love Autumn..especially weeks like this - lots of sunshine but it's not boiling hot!

Tomorrow Holly and I are heading to Hyde Park with the Bowkis family to cheer Anna on in her 5k race.I'm really looking forward to it,just terrified that I might lose Holly!We need to be up bright and early (hence me blogging now!)and will be travelling there by train and tube with Anna, Peter, Izzy and Lilly.As you are probably aware Anna is running in memory of her much loved dad, so please pop on over to her fund raising page and support her however much you can :)
I leave you with a sneak of my layout for tomorrow night


ania said...

Good luck in the race tomorrow - cheer some extra for anna from me too! :)

domestic goddess said...

thanks hun, cant wait oi see you tomorrow xx

Sandie said...

Hope you're going to get some photos of the race. The sneak peek looks fab!