Saturday, September 29, 2007

Finaly found...

..what I've been looking for! I have been after these stamps for ages and thought they were only made by Fontwerks and impossible to get hold of! But I found them on the Capture The Magic stall at Ally Pally today...made by Penny Black! Confused? Yep, I am , but who cares, I've finally got them! They wiped out a big chunk of my spends so the rest of my buys were just papers and Bazzill,plus some really cute wooden buttons.I ended up being Billy No Mates and going on my own (sniff sniff!) but I like it like's so busy there I'd find it impossible to shop with someone else!
I was in charge in the remote (for once!) this evening as Geoff and Em went to see Harry Potter.So I settled down with a pizza and diet coke , followed by hazelnut Galaxy and watched one of my birthday DVDs, The Holiday.Let's just say it was a welcome change from High Musical 2 being on 24/7 !

My Pencil Lines sketch this week is proving to be impossible to get a decent photo of, but here's a peak anyway!


ania said...

What a cool find :D

domestic goddess said...

ooo like the sneak peak :):)