Tuesday, September 18, 2007

14 years and a birthday feast!

Yep, today Geoff and I have been married for 14 years :) I'm not going to lie and say every minute has been wonderful, but no matter what we are still here, still together :) I know he won't read this, but I just want to say Geoff,I love you lots! Okay, mushy bit over and out of the way!
My birthday is turning into a very long pig-out! Yesterday Geoff and I went to Frankie & Benny's for lunch - yum!Then today I went to the Waffle House with Alison *waves* for a rather delicious Bannoffee waffle! I really thought I'd misheard when the waitress asked if I wanted a plain or wholemeal waffle!!Eh??Surely the whole point of a waffle is that it's unhealthy?!
Anyway, check out the photo...and judge for yourself whether I went for the healthy choice;) On Thursday Anna is coming over and we are out to lunch again! I will be the size of a barrel by the end of this week (oh, hang on - I already am!)So I am a sheep and got some Momiji dolls for my birthday.I wanted something that the girls could choose for themselves and luckily John Lewis sell them
:)Geoff also got me one, appropriately the one that likes chocolate cake!I also got a couple of DVD's ,(The Breakfast Club, so I can re-live my youth!),the gorgeous Scrap Studio Scenic Route kit, Love Elsie stamps, clothes and lots of chocolate!And then today as an anniversary presie I got the DVD of The Holiday.So all in all a fab day!
Today Holly started her netball skills after school club whilst Em started back at her dance class ,coming home with her latest exam medal.
I am off to pack up some apple muffins for tomorrows school cake sale!


jakey said...

Congrats on your anniversary Sue!

Sandie said...

Happy Anniversary!

domestic goddess said...

happy anniversary hun!!!
that pancake looks scrummy
see you tomorrow!!!!!!

ania said...

Congrats on your anniversary & bday!! :D

lyzzydee said...

How bad do I feel?? you even told me a couple of days before , but in my defence I did buy you a bag of chips the other night!!!!
Hope you had a good one!!