Sunday, September 09, 2007


So , this caught my eye in Tesco's this morning...Galaxy Hazelnut...'New' with roasted and caramelised hazelnuts.Huh? What was wrong with the old type?!I threw a bar in the trolley giving Geoff the excuse that 'I have to try it in case it's horrible and I need to go and stock up on the original sort from the corner shop'
Hmm, so it's in red What was wrong with the gold foil? When it comes down to it, this new version does tatste the same....but, and a big BUT (which is what I have from eating so much of this stuff) the hazelnuts are all chopped up and tiny. And the whole bar is thinner...which is bad news.Because it's easier to bite into...therefore I eat it quicker...and because it seems thinner, I don't feel full up afterwards ,which is even worse news.So that is my review of the new Galaxy hazelnut - if you want the same enjoyment as you get from the original sort - try eating two bars together

Onto other things! Week 49 is now live over at Pencil Lines:) This week we were sponsored by SIS TV with a very bright and funky kit.I was going to go for a black and white photo but instead went for this one as it has so many colours in it! Huge thanks to Caz for printing the photo for me on Friday!


domestic goddess said...

ere why is there such a lot of white space hun to get to commentrs!?
new galaxy?! do you ahve a very special tescos or something :(
off to go in person tomorrow and find me some
hugs xxx

Gigi said...

that chocolate sounds heavenly! & i adore the l/o!!! i love the black w/ the polka dot borders you did...looks gorgeous!!!

btw...i totally tagged you :)

Jolene Pienaar said...

lol at eating the two bars together lol. Sounds yummy!

Just adore that LO of yours!!

Sandie said...

Now that galaxy seems to need another personal taste test LOL. Love your pencil lines this week, and are you going to bake some of those muffins for the retreat next year...yum yum :D

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you've got far too much time on your hands! x x

Sue Jones said...

Lol..i don't usually bother with Galaxy and only buy it for DH..might have to have a NIBBLE NOW!!