Sunday, August 02, 2009

Who stole this week?!

I thought I'd blogged on at least Tusday...obviously not!!

So to catch, I spent the first part of the week still feeling grumpy about the weather,the car and other things,that much I can remember! It rained a lot...or just looked like it like it was going to rain ...and then didn't...we resorted to making sock puppets out of old tights...both girls saw friends, we got Holly's school shoes,popped into town a couple of times...I think that sums up the week !

Last night Geoff and I went to a wedding reception of someone he works with.Let's just say that next time I will definitely eat more before I have a drink (or two...!) I'm obviously not as young as I used to be..and felt rather rough this morning! After a walk round the lakes with the girls and some Diet Coke I was feeling much better :)

At least I've been able to go out on the bike a bit more this week,as well as going out with Holly a couple of times :)

As the wether forcast hasn't been looking great,we're now booked up to see a couple of films at the cheapy showings :) Tomorrow we are off to see Bolt,then on Sunday Em and I are off to see 17 Again and next week we're booked for Ice Age 3 :) What's the betting the sun will now shine on all those days?!

This month on Pencil Lines we are joining up with My Little Shoebox ! We have their design team joining us every week this month ,we are all using MLS ranges and they are also sponsoring the gallery RAK for this month!

This is my layout using the Flawless range :) All items used are my MLS except the black alpha stickers which are Jenni Bowlin:)

I will try and come back tomorrow with photos of the butterflies in the garden at the moment :)


lyzzydee said...

How's your head today???

domestic goddess said...

and at last !i have checked your blog about a million times today, you read right, LOL
btw i love how you used the MLS transparencies, gorgeous!
catc h up tomorrow hun xxx