Saturday, August 22, 2009

Lots of visitors :)

We have had a few visiotrs here the last few days:)
On Thursday we had the Bowkis family here for a BBQ :) Although the date was set a couple of weeks back, it was a bit last minute that it was going ahead due to the weather.anyway, we made lots of noise,ate lots and laughed lots:) I took hardly any photos and thos I did take I think Anna may kill me if I post!
And yesterday we took delivery of these sweeties :)

We are babysitting our friend's guinea pigs for the next 10 days,though I think the girls would be happy to keep them for good! They came out for lots of cuddles and pampering yesterday,so are probably are feeling a bit ignored today as both girls are out at the moment .I had no idea that guines peas ate so much or so many different things!Luckily I have been leaving the dandelions growing in the garden in preparation!

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domestic goddess said...

they are huge!!!!