Sunday, August 09, 2009

Rubbish blogger?!

Yep,that's me!!
Summer has returned the last couple of days and it's been lovely :)The pool has finally had some use,I think the girls have only been in it twice so far this year.
So,last week...just trying to remember what we did!
On Wednesday the girls went to Knebworth Park with my mum & dad and had a whale of a time seeing the dinosaurs,playing on the fort and having a train ride :) They arrived home very hot,sticky and tired!On Thursday we didn't do much and then it threw it down with rain from 5 o'clock onwards.
Friday totally confused me as Geoff was off and it felt like a Saturday! We went shopping for the few bits of school uniform needed in the morning.I have a gripe...why is it so difficult to find kids tights that fit?!In the afternoon Holly went to an activity/play zone place with a friend whilst Em had her best friend over and she stayed for a sleepover.Whilst they went shopping on Saturday morning Holly and I went on a bike ride round both lakes :)After lunch they all made the most of the sunshine and went in the pool, armed with their under water cameras!
Last night Holly had a sleepover at my mum & dad's house.It always feels weird when one of them isn't here!
The garden is still a butterfly haven and I have still been chasing after them with my camera (much to the kids amusement!) I got this photo whilst standing on a garden chair!

Today has been spent mainly in the garden :) I mowed the grass and then sat on a sun bed reading 'Shopaholic' ,whilst keeping an eye on the kids in the pool :)
Then this evening Em and I went to see 17 Again,which was fab:) I just don't get why people take such young children to see 12A films though...isn't the 12 in the rating a bit of a hint?!
And finally ,Pencil Lines is live ,with more My Little Shoebox loveliness :)I used papers from the Home Sweet Home range and a photo taken a couple of weeks back using the tripod and timer!

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Pencil Lines DT Co-Ordinator said...

i had nearly given up on you, LOL
love the photo you scrapped this week :)
hugs xx