Thursday, August 13, 2009

Train ride

Today we went on a very short train ride (one stop!) to Digswell.The main point of going was that my sister wanted to take her daughters over the viaduct.Anyway, whilst there we decided to revisit our youth (and Mum's!) as my Nan & Grandad used to live there.We had a little reminisce ..only to find that the sweet shop (remember 1p chocolate tools?!)is now a floor coverings shop .We walked down to my Nan & Grandad's old house ,which brought back lots of happy memories :) I have some very old photos somewhere of me & sister on the front porch wearing winter coats and fur hats which would go perfectly with the new Little Ladies paper from My Little Shoebox :) Whilst part of me really wanted to knock on the door and ask if I could have a look in the garden I think I'd probably rather remember it the way it was... I did sneak a photo of the house though and the rusty old lamp post which is still at the end of the drive :)

On Tuesday we went to get Em's school shoes and got the last pair in her size! And then we went to see Ice Age 3 :) The kids have never seen so many films in one holiday!

Tomorrow we're having a visit from the Bowkis ladies :) And Anna is going to be taking Holly home with her for a sleepover with Izzy ! I'm sure she'll be fine,she's looking forward to a Rock Band session :)

And I'll leave you with a couple more butterfly photos as there were so many out there again yesterday :)

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domestic goddess said...

wow at your butterflies! Loving that photo. Love shots like this