Friday, August 14, 2009

The Talent Show

Today we were treated to the Deacon V Bowkis Talent Show, a twist on the usual show put on by Em,Holly,Izzy & Lilly during our get togethers ! This time,they had been practising in advance ready for a showdown...Anna & I took our roles as judges very seriously(!!) and delivered some X Factor stlye comments and criticisms! We only agreed to choose an winner on the condition that there were no tears,tantrums or diva strops by the those who didn't win! This time the winner was Em,but no doubt we'll be having a re-match soon!

As per usual Anna forgot her camera today so not many photos were taken :( Holly & Izzy were happy to strike a couple of poses though :)

Holly has gone back to Anna's for a sleepover with Izzy.Despite a few tears when she left,apparently she was fine again within a couple of minutes :) I get the feeling though that she will be very tired when she comes home tomorrow!

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domestic goddess said...

OMG I so love that photo!! send to me please!!!
Tired will be an understatement. they went up to bed at 8.38pm , still giggling at 10.30pm!!! and were heard giggling again at 6.15am!
3 very tired children by tonight i expect!